About Us

Our students and faculty are a mini United Nations!

As one of the schools of the worldwide Carmelite Family, the Scrilli School enjoys a faculty and student body from very diverse backgrounds. The Carmelite Sisters educational philosophy embraces diversity and they use it to create exciting learning experiences for the students.

Where does the name Scrilli School come from?

In 1854 a woman growing up in Italy, Maria Teresa Scrilli, founded the Institute of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Even as a very young woman, she dreamt that she should dedicate herself to Christ and carry out his plan by educating young children to bring them closer to God.

Today Mother Scrilli is honored by the Catholic Church as a woman who worked tirelessly to bring the message of Christ to young people. In 2006 she was given the title “Blessed.” Her ministry to young people continues today in pre-school and elementary schools in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Poland, India and Italy.