Parent/Guardian Participation

The Involvement of Parents and Guardians at the Scrilli School
We are partners with you in your child’s education process. However, you are always the primary educator of your child. With that in mind, we strongly promote the involvement of each of our parents in the education of the children at the Scrilli School.

Our Parent-Teacher Association
The Parent-Teacher Association of the Scrilli School meets the second Tuesday, four times a year. This is an excellent way for parents and guardians to participate in their child’s educational process.

This Association works to insure that parents are informed about events at the school and that parents participate in one or more of the many activities involving the families of our students.

There a wide variety of opportunities for parents/guardians to participate in the educational process of the children. Besides positions within the PTA itself, parents are needed to help chaperone field trips and to run in-school holiday activities. Other opportunities present themselves during the year!

By participating, you are not only helping Scrilli School, you are providing a positive role model of volunteerism for your child as well as the other children.

Family Involvement in Fundraising
All families are required to participate in the one mandatory fundraisers held each year. If families do not participate, a $125.00 fee will be required. Each family is required to participate in each of the three fundraising events or pay a $125.00 non-participation fee for each of the fundraising events.